The Great Depression And The World War II

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Recently I heard a story about a mother and child walking through a retail store when the child says to her mother “I want those shoes!” The mother asks “Why do you want those shoes?” to which her daughter responds “Because everyone else is wearing them.” The Mother asks, “Wouldn’t you want to get something different and be more original?” and the child says “No, then I wouldn’t be original like everyone else!” Between the 1920’s and the era of World War II America saw some of its most dramatic cultural shifts since the country’s beginnings. This story of a mother and child expresses the changes that took place in the early half of the 1900’s which made a lasting effect in creating the consumer society we know today. This consumer-centered society that we know was developed by multiple shifts in the American economy and lifestyle. In this essay I will discuss how each the “Roaring Twenties,” the “Great Depression” and the World War II Era each contributed in the way of accelerating or stalling the process of creating an American consumer society.
Firstly, we must look at the cultural earthquake that was the “Roaring Twenties” and the beginning of the most consumer habits we see today. The Twenties was the beginning of the idea of the “American Dream.” The Victorian era of manners and composure was coming to an end to a new era filled with all sorts of artistic creativity and social activity to match its booming economy. Under all this excitement, consumerism began its

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