The Great Depression Caused A Massive Unemployment

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The great depression was an event that impacted the U.S in a very drastic way. It caused many to lose their jobs, therefore losing wealth. It was a long lasting economic crisis during 1929. Lasting until 1940s. It started the beginning of involvement from the government to the country’s economy and also the society altogether. The government wanted to find ways to end this. After almost a decade of prosperity and high optimism , the U.S is now faced to a period of despair. Many had to recover from this downfall and it was hard for them. No one was ready for this event known as Black Tuesday. The Great Depression impacted the americans and cause 20 - 25 million of americans to become unemployed and banks came to fail. The great…show more content…
Many americans were affected by the crash because they depended on the stock market. The banks suddenly started to fail also, after the stock market crashed. Some banks started to shut down. The industrial production dropped by half. The farmers could not sell any crops because the prices had to increase. In 1930, the first banking panics began. President Hoover wanted support the falling industry and banks. He tried hard to make loans and help the country. The crash of the stock market was only the beginning of the great depression. Banks were forced to closed, causing clients to lose money and income, making them have a hard time. They had to figure out how to keep up with their incomes and wages. How to help out their family. They lost their jobs and that made it difficult for them to pay their needs. While the jobs became more scarce, unemployment was abundant. The great depression also cause other types of people to become unemployed. Farmers also became unemployed. The clients would not buy from him because either the prices were too high due to there being not as much crops or due to there being no crops at all because of the money needed to plant. The farmers usually lived in the plains due to more to harvest crops. There was a problem though. The weather was usually not as good. There were droughts and windstorms and severe weather conditions, That did not cooperate with the great depression either. Both put together
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