The Great Depression During World War I Essay

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After the Great War (1914-1919) came the “Roaring Twenties” followed by the Great Depression (1929-1939). After World War I America experienced the greatest economic growth in its history. Its economic expansion was due to how undamaged it was after the war. It became the richest country in the world at that time. The people enjoyed life as it were back then until the US experienced the largest economic downturn in history when the Stock Market crashed on 29th October 1929. It began in the summer months of 1929 when the US economy began experiencing a small recession where consumers began spending less and unsold goods began piling up, thereby slowing down production. While this was happening stock prices continues to rise reaching levels that could not be justified by anticipated potential earnings. This occurred for a few months until October 24th 1929 when the stock market crashed and America faced the Great Depression a few days after on October 29th 1929 . So what were the contributing factors of the Great Depression? These include: 1. The crash of the Stock Market (On Black Tuesday there was a crash of the Stock Market. Two months later stockholders lost $40 billion dollars and even though some was recovered it was not enough) 2. Bank Failures (Over 9,000 banks in the US and over 100,000 around the world failed as deposits were uninsured and people lost their savings. The surviving banks unsure of the economic situation and concerned for their own survival refused to
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