The Great Depression Effects On America

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The Great Depression had a profound effect on the generation that lived through it, with many people struggling just to get by, and the crisis lasted for years. An entire decade was shaped by this event and so were its people. Because of the effects of the Great Depression, essentially everyone had to change their lifestyle and their daily routines. Because of these tough times, the American outlook on life was grim, the Great Depression lasted for over a decade and no one knew when it was going to be over. Entertainment was a way for people to forget about their troubles and problems they had in their own lives, however due to the financial restraints at the time, most people had to find extremely inexpensive or free sources of entertainment. Because of the Great Depression, it would change the scene of entertainment forever, launching the film industry along with radio shows. While the Great Depression was detrimental to the economy as a whole, many well-known radio programs, films, and books were created during this time. Even though the Depression was a horrible time, it produced many good things as well. Families were greatly affected by the Great Depression, with many people finding themselves without a job and unable to support their families with basic necessities. Previously well off families found themselves among the vast population of poor, unemployed people and the middle class essentially vanished. While everyone was negatively affected by the Great
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