The Great Depression Essay

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The Great Depression was one of the lowest times in American history. Although this depression brought great poverty to some areas, most were not even phased by it. For some it brought extreme poverty for others who had little money invested in banks or into the stock market, nothing really changed. It even seemed that those who were impacted the least, their changes would not occur until after the Depression was over. In fact some never even knew that there was a depression going on until it filtered down through the tabloids. This economic tragedy was forever changed by the Election of 1932 which eventually brought on the New Deal of legislative programs which would forever change America. The 1920s where a time when America was…show more content…
This would further lead to thousands of foreclosures on homes that put many families out into the streets. Not only were these people homeless, but they were in a great state of depression because of the hopelessness of their situation. The depression led to a lot of people taking their own lives through suicide because they were unable to cope without a job or the inability to provide for food for their families. Soup lines were created to provide food to those that were without food. Even though the non-government funded “soup lines” were helping, the government was still nowhere to be found. President Hoover, who was president at the start of the depression, was not giving WWI veterans their bonus from the war; he was taking away what little these people had to hope for in a time of need. This brought homeless, hungry men to an angry state of mind, which eventually led to riots outside the White house. The Army was then called upon by President Hoover to take control of the streets, not just to stop these riots, but also to prevent them from happening in the future. While all of this was going in the North, the South was beginning to face problems of their own. Farmers had grown their crops, produced their milk, but the cost to ship it was more then what the good was worth to the economy. This caused farmers to have over-cropped goods, which meant no way of paying for their
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