The Great Depression Fashion

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Because of the stock market crash, the clothing manufacturers had to look for ways to conserve money and still put out product. They started going to cheaper materials to create clothing and cheaper ways to make the clothing. Though not everyone was able to buy clothes and would just reuse material they had at home. There were many hand-me down clothing for the children and people would sew their old shirts to make underwear. Farmers would use their big sacks of flour or the sacks of livestock food to re-create them into dresses for the girls. People during the depression were either making their own clothes from old materials or if they had enough money the could go out and buy new clothes but were made from cheaper material. The poor people during the depression wore very simple clothes that were often their old clothes before the depression. If there was a problem with their clothes, they would patch up their clothing with old socks or any material they could get their hands on. Even though there was not a huge market for new clothing, there were still fashion designs that were popular for those who can afford it. 1There were still fashion magazines being put out for women during the depression and that’s how people got their information on the latest fashions. The clothing for women was simple and…
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