The Great Depression Hit America

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In the 1930s, The Great Depression hit America forcing many workers to move from state to state to get a job. They were striving for the American Dream that it was popular in that period of time, but it figured out to be a disappointed, which suggests that freedom and security cannot be found in this world. Correspondingly, it was a hierarchical society and status was mostly dependent on gender and race. Hence, women’s roles were inferior to the men’s because they couldn’t help financially, and they were merely seen as possessions to adorn them. The novella is a microcosm of the society. It has all the characters of each stage of the social ladder. At the bottom end there’s the character Crooks who’s discriminated because of his colour. Next there are the women, for instance Curley’s wife, who’s name is not even mentioned in the book, she’s referred as a possession, in this case to her husband. As a woman she has no value in the society and therefore she is not allowed to pursue her dreams. People are also wrongly judged by what they could offer economically to society, such as Candy who is treated inadequately because he’s elderly and Lennie who is simple minded and behaves childishly, that mostly depends on George, who gets him out of trouble. George being a loyal and closest friend and by keeping his promise to Aunt Clara patiently takes care of him. As can be expected the boss’s son who is a white is the only one ‘worthy’ to be in command. These separations make

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