The Great Depression In The Novel 'Why Shoot The Teacher'

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Burdensome damages introduced by WWI caused major stagnation in the Canadian economy, generating economic chaos in the Great Depression. The Great Depression took place during 1929- 1939, also known as the western industrializations longest-lasting economic downturn. Although many countries went through the depression, some suffered greater than others such as Canada. As the stock markets in Wall Street had a major crash in 1929 the depression really began to hit. During 1921-1930 the liberal government was in charge therefore society had the most control over the economic market. The government believed if they let society “run its course” it would soon fall back into place and regain economic prosperity. The conservative government was then elected in 1930. The prime minister, Robert Bemment tried many traditional methods to fix the economy, resulting to worse conditions. The free market approach could not restore economic prosperity on its own after several years of effort. “Why shoot the teacher” is a novel plotted from a rural area in Saskatchewan during the Dirty Thirties. In the novel “Why shoot the Teacher” there are accurate representations of issues reflecting the 1930’s. It was common to get paid a low income if you were fortunate enough to maintain a job. The protagonist Max Brown has an extreme deficiency of income because of the harsh conditions during The Great Depression. Difficulty in being able to support family caused extreme embarrassment and a sense
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