The Great Depression Influenced Women 's Fashion

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Introduction: Throughout the 1920s through the 1950s Women’s clothing in America was affected by World War II, which lead to the exploration of different styles, the encounter of new trends and the exchange of ideas and new styles. Historical Context: In the 1920s there were many events that happened but one of the main events was the 1920s bathing suit arrest. There were multiple arrest made for the look, but no names were giving. The rule for bathing suits back then was that swim suits had to cover everything if you were a woman, men however were not allowed to take off their shirts until 1993. The bathing suits for women were like dresses and stockings. The 1920s also had some gender roles which caused companies grew larger and wages increased and new things were able to be bought. ("Arrested for Bathing Suits"). In the 1930s the Great Depression influenced women’s fashion because they needed to save money and they had to reuse a fair amount of materials from their old clothes. The 1930s also had gender roles, most people were employed but they were not the best jobs. They had low paying jobs. The women needed a full education while the men only graduated from elementary school. There were no equal rights. Women did everything, for example, they did everything at home, they made dinner, made sure the house was clean, they needed to look presentable after work for their husbands, and they had to work at the house especially during the Great
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