The Great Depression Of America

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The Great Depression If one asks most Americans their opinion about when our nations’ economy crashed the most severely, they would most likely say the period between October 1929, until 1930 when the United States went through the great depression. The great depression was a time where people lost nearly everything, from houses and farms, to families and children. People were starving and left out in the cold. The worst part about this was that once people lost their belongings, they were gone forever. In the 1900’s there weren’t many programs to help the public such as health insurance, welfare programs, or unemployment. All the money that individuals had saved throughout the course of their lives, and deposited in to banks was gone. Many individuals find interest in comparing different people who were successful in fighting their way through the depression, and people who were unsuccessful, many who died, or lived poor for the rest of their lives. Some people couldn’t make it because of the circumstances it put them through. There are poor people throughout the world and there forever will be but the depression in a sense, made everyone poor. During the 1900’s the average family would survive by the man of the house, providing food and shelter. Families worked across the country on farms and were able to grow enough to sell, and eat. Others in more industrialized areas were able to work in the booming factories such as steel and automotive assembly lines. But with a
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