The Great Depression Of The World War I

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Dear President Wilson, I am sorry to inform you, but the plan that you had come up with, is being seen as a failure. Although we saw the mass effect what happens; death, trench warfare, suffering of countries, of world war 1, the countries have began another war, WWII. I know this is a shock to you, but another war has begun. So let us sit down, I will let you take a breath, and when you are ready to begin, I will show you what the spark of WW11. There is a new leader instilled in Germany! WWII was caused by the invasion of Poland, and France declaring war on Germany, Italian fascism in the 1920s, Japanese militarism, appeasement, The league of Nations, and most prevalent, the political takeover of Germany by the Nazi party. The first stem to WWII was Hitler and the Nazi Parties rise to power. They came to power because of The Treaty of Versailles, the Great Depression that began with the failure of the stock market, and the use of violence, to silence opponents, like the communists. The treaty of Versailles, can be attributed to Hitler’s rise to power, the Weimar republic, was forced to sign the treaty of Versailles, which Germany saw as a humiliation, calling them the November Criminals. Germanys, large loss of land, war reparations of $33 billion, loss of military strength, including limitations on types of air, and ground defenses, began Hitler’s rise to power. The responsibilities combined with the loss of mass amounts of industrialization, was overturned, when
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