The Great Depression: One Of The Worst Tragedies In American History

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The Great Depression The Great Depression is said to be one of the worst tragedies in american history, the stock market, economics, and how the americans lived, but how was this caused? The great depression had many things leading up to it but the stocks was the main reason this happened. Since we got to America, we have been hunting and taking all sorts of supplies. We killed off many Native Americans, buffalo, and even the land. We took everything we could get our hands on. If we did took everything we could today, everybody would know that this would lead to a depression, but then, the Europeans had no idea what they were heading for. The supplies were plentiful and they all had enough to eat ( at least most of them) but who would’ve ever guessed that this kind of greed would lead to something this terrible. Everybody spent all of their money on the stocks. People and most banks wasted it by investing in a project that is never going to work and then they lose all of that money they put into it. President Hoover was completely blamed for the depression, newspapers were called hoover blankets, hoover huts which were houses and towns were named hoovervilles. Just like everything else, the stocks had problems. Many of those problems were the people though. The people invested all of their…show more content…
Businesses made too much and could not sell enough of their supplies to stay open and eventually, most businesses had to close down. This is where a lot of major unemployment started to happen. In nineteen thirtysix, over twenty million people have become unemployed and this lasted until we joined into WWII. In WWII, we finally found a way to employ people, the army! Over seventeen million people joined the army in the next two years and there is still almost three million people unemployed, that's about 80% of the U.S that joined the
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