The Great Depression - Original Writing

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Today, humanity replaces everything. If something is broken, worn out, or sometimes even dirty it is discarded and replaced with something brand new. There are stories of perfectly good earth moving machines being left inside of coal mines that are still in working order simply because it’s too much work to get those machines back out and it may be cheaper on the company to leave it there than to bring it back out. Generations before saved everything, many times even if it was broken. My parents have in their attic, right now, the first set of worn out tires from my 1987 Firebird. These tires are bald and actually have the steal belts hanging out of them. Why? Maybe it’s for sentimental reasons? Perhaps the kept them to serve as a…show more content…
My mobile phone now has more computing power than the first computer I ever received in 1994. That same iPhone has more computing power than all of NASA had in 1969 when it placed two astronauts on the moon. As a child of the nineteen eighties I had an Atari 2600. I spent hours playing this in fourth and fifth grade. I still have mine, and it does still work. I got it out one night and plugged it into our big screen television. Preston, who was three at the time was ready to turn it off in just a matter of minutes. Of course he was comparing it to his “xbox 360” which has sixteen thousand, three hundred, and eighty-four times the processing power as the Atari. The things that were cutting edge in their day are like comparing horse and buggy to a rocket. This is the attitude of today: things are out dated in months. How many software updates does a phone alone do in one year? Things are completely obsolete in a few years. How many times has someone had to buy the newest version of a software package because the company doesn’t service the last one anymore? The thought of a decade becomes ancient history. It is in this concept that I want to present the first one-quarter tank. Society has started to explain away the Bible as being archaic and irrelevant because some parts of it are over three thousand years old. That is somewhat difficult or some to wrap his or her mind around. The Bible, in parts, is three and a
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