The Great Depression

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After WW1 the Great Depression had a very late impact on the major film companies in France, when it did, it unfortunately caused several film studios to go bankrupt, then in the late 1920’s to 1930’s many small film companies and groups emerged giving birth to the tendency called poetic realism. Because the large companies who made films with a focus on making money were gone the filmmakers and artists were able to concern themselves with the art of film, they often took poetic innovations that we can associate with impressionism or surrealism and combined them to create a more realistic style of narrative filmmaking. Therefore these films stylistic techniques have been influenced by the political and economical historical contexts that took place in France that has enhanced these films aesthetic. The growth of political awareness had then reflected in the films of this time, thus the enormous historical impact that effected France’s films and industry. The question can be asked, how did these social, political and economic issues of France at the time come thought the arts and cinema and start a very impactful thread of films. Before WW1 and The Great Depression France dominated international film screens, especially in 1929 when the coming of sound really boosted their industry, people were extremely interested in hearing the French dialogue. The French film industry was thriving; they had a very high demand for films, which then meant the demand for theaters were

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