The Great Depression

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The Great Depression was one of the most devastating events recorded in history. The nation as a whole plummeted in one economic downfall. Few individuals escaped the effects of the depression. The hardship of unemployment and the loss of homes and farms were a large portion of the pain caused by the economic crisis. Through all of these sufferings, women had a large impact on society. Women faced heavy discrimination and social criticism during the Depression Even though through research it is proven that women helped nurse the nation back to health, many do not know of the aid of these strong women. Women had the task of keeping their family together when the principal moneymaker of the family was out of work. These women had to be creative with what they had. They could not create extravagant meals for their families anymore, but they made do with what they had. Many women joined the work force and would do jobs that men refused to do. These women worked as hard as they could to support their families during this difficult time despite the opinions of society. Essentially, the assistance of women went invisible for long years during and after this era. Things that once were of great importance no longer were, women’s roles during the Great Depression were practically outdated. In all actuality, women benefited society during the Great Depression much more than they have received credit for. Working Women The Depression pushed more women into the work force than ever

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