The Great Depression : The Dust Bowl

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The Great Depression was a horrible time in American history, with as much as one-fourth of the population out of work. One of the hardest hit areas of the population was the agricultural center of the United States in the area that would come to be known as the Dust Bowl. The problems that the people of the Dust Bowl dealt with however were not a result of the Depression as a whole but instead were the result of a combination of bad farming decisions and a horrible drought. Even though the timing makes it seem like the Dust Bowl experience in the 1930’s was a part of the Great Depression as a whole it was a totally different disaster that was occurring at the same time. The experience of the families that lived in the Dust Bowl during the 1930’s cannot be described in any way but as horrible, depressing, and almost hopeless. The causes of the Dust Bowl were two fold. The first cause was the misuse of the land by farmers for generations. When American settlers moved into the land of Middle America they were approaching something that none of them was familiar with. The immense grasslands were unlike anything that they had ever seen before. As they started to try to tame the land they did what they thought was the most effective thing and removed all of the natural and native plants and animals to make way for something similar that they were familiar with. The prairie grasses gave way to wheat, barley, and corn. The wild herds of buffalo were replaced by cattle. This…

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