The Great Depression : The Fall Of A Nation

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Collin Brunton Ms. Biondi English II 3 March 2015 The Great Depression: The Fall of a Nation The Great Depression was a hard time for America. The name fits like a glove because it was, in fact a depression. The Great Depression was crucial to American history because it changed every aspect of American life, revealed how big a power America was, and it established multiple government agencies around the world to make sure something like it never happens again. The economy was at a highpoint in 1929. It was easier for people to buy stock (“Stock Market Crash of 1929”). People didn’t have to pay full price for stock they only had to buy a margin of the stock. People also saw buying stock as a quick way to get rich, so everybody wanted a part of it. By September of 1929 confidence that the market would keep rising dropped. And stock prices turned lower also (“Stock Market Crash of 1929”). Inexperienced investors that were there to make a quick buck sold their stock at the same time. Chaos flooded the stock exchange, and prices only began to drop more. Within two weeks stocks dropped to 37% of what they were worth. And even as bad as things got, most people didn’t think that the stock market crash would have an effect on the American economy, but we were in for a wakeup call, and we were soon aware of the full effect it had. The Great Depression started in 1929, and the devastating effect lasted until the late 1930s. Almost all countries saw the prices of their goods drop,

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