The Great Depression and President Herbert Hoover

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Taking office the same year as the Great Depression, Americas thirty first president, Herbert Hoover greatly impacted the lives of many Americans. It has been stated that the stalk market crash was to blame for the greatest economic downturn in American; however, Ex-President Hoover made critical mistakes during the depression that he would be blamed for the rest of his life. The Great Depression began in 1929, 7 months after the Ex-President’s election. (Insert cite) Instead of “using the power of the federal government to squarely address it” (I C), Hoover vetoed many bills that would help the situation, believing in volunteer help. Hoover soon became hated and thought of as heartless. Ex-President Herbert Hoovers involvement in…show more content…
These programs unfortunately ended up being mostly destructive, making the problems worse.
Furthermore, some of Hoovers programs were the Mexican Repatriation program, the Smoot-Hawley Tariff and the Hoover Moratorium. The Mexican Repatriation program started in 1929 forcing over 500,000 Mexicans and Mexican Americans to migrate to Mexico. This program was created to reduce the need of aid; instead it created a hatred toward Hoover. The Smoot-Hawley Tariff “raised the tariff on thousands of imported items as part of a failed effort to encourage the purchase and growth of American-made goods, raise federal revenue, and protect farmers.” ( ) Hoover pushed away other country’s when he really needed there help. Lastly the Hoover Moratorium was when hoover created a one year standstill in reparation bills from Germany to France, instead repaying the debts of the Allied war to the US. It almost did nothing to the economy and created tension from France and Germany. Instead of solving problems, Hoovers Programs created a lot of damage.
Additionally, Hoover refused assistance from the Government. His “response to the crisis was constrained by his conservative political philosophy.”( ) Hoover vetoed many bills that would offer assistance towards the struggling Americans. Believing that Help should be from voluntary basis from locals, Hoover accepted almost zero help from
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