Essay on The Great Depression and the Cinderella Man

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Cinderella Man came out in the year 2005, it is a non fiction movie directed by Ron Howard. It is based on the story of a boxer during the Depression, James J. Braddock. Braddock had to over come many adversities such as the economical and societal conditions. Another adversity he had to overcome was living in the Depression and all the things that go along with that. Braddock’s character traits shown in the movie are all important and appropriate due to the harshness of those times. The economical and societal conditions and their changes during the film had a dramatic affect on the story. The movie starts off with James J. Braddock, in the twenties which was a great economical time, and it shows when he comes home, with a…show more content…
The Depression had many effects on the movie. All of the men down at the docks are very eager and most likely desperate the way they try to show there face to the man picking only a handful of them. The actions of these men are because they are unemployed and if they have family they are most likely struggling keeping enough food on the table for them to eat. Jobs were very hard to find and even if they did get them, it wasn’t like winning the lottery, it was hardly enough to pay ends meat. One day when James comes home he finds out his son has stolen a slab of salami for the local meat store. This is a very sad scene because after Jim finds out the true reasoning behind his son’s the audience finds out that he is really just scared of being sent away because he knows the times are tough and isn’t sure his father can provide for him and his two other siblings. His son stealing the meat is also symbolic for how and why the crime rate rose during the great depression. Another scene that represents the Depression’s affect on the Braddock’s family and there peers is all there kids together have one birthday party, all of there friends kids all share a birthday with one cake and little to no presents. The depression has hit all of the families so hard they don’t have enough money for individual birthday

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