The Great Depression of America

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There was a steel mill company created in the 1900 in Gary by a president of the United States name Elbert H. Gary it was named after him. The steel started getting popular because everyone nationwide was using it to build railroads and homes. There three things they used to make steel such as iron ore, limestone, and coals. There was variety of coals that was used but the only one they use was called coke they had to burn a fuel that turned into coke. In order for them to make it, they had to make the coke burn at an extremely high temperature so they can produce it to melt big quantity of limestone and iron ore.
When they both are combined together they would have to heat it at an extremely high temperature, so that the steel they could use can cool directly to the bottom of a kettle and limestone forms so it can circulate it to move continuously or freely through a heated mixture. So they was deciding on where a location they can move a new steel mill. But the plant they building need to be close near an area who have big quantities supplies of iron ore, limestone, and coal that can be easy for them to drop the equipment off that they finished so it can be used. After they built a mill in Gary several other factories and companies started to travel to Gary for products because it became a business that lasted for decades.
There was great memories in the 1920s with the great depression that had eventually changed in the 1930s. There were a crash of the stock market

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