The Great Depression or The Crash of the Stock Market in 1929

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The crash of the stock market in 1929 was not the first economic crisis in America, yet it is the one everyone remembers. During this time Americans faced many hardships. The number of poor rapidly increased because of the banking crisis as well as a shortage of jobs which caused the unemployment rate to skyrocket. Countless families were left homeless and children went hungry. Many Americans became hopeless; it seemed like their lives were over. Farmers migrated to Northern cities with their families with hopes of finding a better lifestyle. Some headed towards California to mine for gold. Americans wanted to escape the nightmare of the depression. Music and entertainment during this time were among the few outlets that gave people hope of a better future. From books to movies, people wanted to escape from the harsh realities in any way. Cars and telephones also increased communication and helped people to escape. Before the Depression not many people owned phones or radios but afterwards they were much more affordable and were common in families. Without the radio and other sources of entertainment people may not have been able to make it through the depression. It didn’t all turn around, though, until the New Deal and World War II. President Roosevelt’s New deal created multiple programs that aided America in getting back on her feet. It funded and created massive projects that put people to work, which not only increased the public's morale, but stimulated the economy
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