The Great Depression through World War II: Causes, Events, and Solutions

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During the 1920's America experienced an increase like no other. With the model T car, the assembly line, business skyrocketed. Thus, America's involvement in World War II did not begin with the attack on Pearl Harbor. Starting in October 1929, the Great Depression, the stock market crashed. It awed a country used to the excesses of the 1920's. These are the events that lead up to the crash. Furthermore, a narrative of the Depression: "It was always cold in the house; the only warmth was a wood burning stove in the corner. We used to sit and listen to Gracie and Burn's on the 7 o'clock show. Dinner was watered down onion stew with a slice of bread. "We worked in the fields, maybe 9, 10, hours per day, maybe more. Pay was two dollars a…show more content…
Important legislation such as the McNary-Haugen Bill which proposed that the federal government should then dispose of in overseas markets. The government created several sponsored “stabilization corporations” authorized to purchase surpluses and keep them off the market in order to maintain price levels”(Kennedy, pg. 16-17). Farm Crisis Agricultural Market Act of 1929 pg. 18 “During Hoover's Presidential term there were many changes including the increase in immigration. Immigration doubled between the years of 1890 and 1930. Much of that was due to immigration from southern and eastern Europe. One in ten was foreign born. “They were drawn to the factories and tenements in the big cities.” Since the close of the 19th century there was World War I, race riots, rapid urbanization, the rise of massive industrial combines, U.S. Steel, Ford Motor Company and General Motors”(Kennedy, 1999, pg. 14). Some immigrants stayed, but many left. Many of the immigrants found life in America too difficult. They didn't speak English. They were isolated by religion. Many went home Poland, Greece, Russia, Romania, or Bulgaria.“The rugged stayed and awaited the time when they might become American at last”.(Kennedy, 1999, pg. 15) IV. pg. 426 FDR First Public Pronouncement September 1 Undeclared War ""Roosevelt 'had said that he would wage war, but not declare it, and that he would become more and more

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