The Great Family of Araceae

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One living organism that has a very important function for the environment and all the living creatures on Earth is the plant. This is because other living organisms such as animals and human beings greatly depend on them for food and oxygen. Furthermore, they are also able to provide living creatures the shelter that they need. As well as medicines that can be taken from medicinal plants. There are approximately 250,000 different species of plants and they are all part of the kingdom Plantae which has many different types. ("Plants in Peril - Plants and People", n.d., p. xx)One of them is the Angiosperms which can be further classified into Magnoliids, Eudicots, and Monocots. Under the Monocots are further classifications and one of them is the family of Araceae. ("Araceae", n.d., p. xx) One interesting family that belongs to the division of flowering plants or Angiosperms is the Araceae. The term Araceae came from the word Arum, a plant genus, and it also came from Aron, a common name for plants in the said genus. The suffix –aceae is added to the name since it is the suffix used in constructing the name of the families of plants. ("Araceae", n.d., p. xx) This is where the name Araceae came from. The family Araceae has its own classification. It belongs to the big group of kingdom Plantae, then is further classified to the subkingdom Tracheobionta (Vascular plants), then is lowered down to the super division of Spermatophyta (Seed plants), then further classified to the

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