The Great Figure by by William Carlos Williams

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The poem “The Great Figure” contains two of the colors that were then used in the oil painting, red and gold and then using the number five. William’s poem infuses color, light, auditory words for sounds with short descriptive lines that build the scene making it interesting and exciting for the reader. Williams creates the backdrop for the poem by placing us in a common human experience in a moment in time. It is my opinion that “The Great Figure” is a simple but powerful work of literature.
Williams begins by describing the scene in the first and second lines giving us what the number five is really a part of which is the red fire truck. The great mystery of the number five is clear. The first four lines of the poem hint at the environment. It evokes a mood and helps us use our sense memory and imagination as we are “among rain and the lights.” The mention of lights suggests an urban setting. The line “I saw the figure five” reminds us of a number that you can find on an apartment door, or on a young child’s birthday card, or sewn on the jacket of a famous New York Mets baseball player. As we read the number five in the poem we find that it is raining too. How can the writer see the number five in the rain? Maybe because the writer assigns the number five to be gold and it could be seen in the rain because gold can glisten…
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