The Great Fire Of London

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Seldom does one pick up a literary book expecting to discover history. Typically one envisions a literary work to move the soul, or facilitate a grand adventure of the mind. Stranger yet would be a student of history delving into a historical document in anticipation of a soul searching adventure. However, thanks to Samuel Pepys we have an un-edited, un-filtered first hand account of what it was like to be in the midst of some of the most momentous events in English history. Pepys bore witness to and recorded almost 10 years of experiences which contained the second Anglo-Dutch war, the Great Fire of London, and what living though the Great Plague was like. And while these events can be found in many history books, Samuel Pepys’ diary brings something to the table that predetermined, agreed upon history can teach us—what it was like to be there and live through them in great detail. Samuel Pepys takes the reader on a grand adventure through some of the most important events in English history and conveys what it was really like to be there. So who was Samuel Pepys, and what is this magical literary work? In order to understand how this adventure unfolds, it is essential to understand the author and the circumstances that result in such a pure experience. Samuel Pepys was the son of a tailor, but rose to the rank of Secretary of the most powerful Navy on the planet at that time in history. During his lifetime, he cavorted London, experiencing her majesty, music,
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