The Great Flood, The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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Since the beginning of time, flooding has been and always will be a worldwide epidemic. Credited to mankind’s science and technological advances, the human race has acquired knowledge concerning flood occurrences; substantiating deluges are due to weather and climate changes. Excessive rainfall and winds, brought on by hurricanes or storms, can cause rivers, lakes, and the sea to overflow onto land. Despite the fact that floods are caused by natural disasters, great flood stories such as Noah’s Ark, The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Great Flood the story from the Quran, are a common archetype in many cultures. These great floods were brought to the earth, causing the destruction of mankind, teaching lessons in humanity. There are many similarities regarding the great flood stories chronicled by the diverse cultures of ancient times: most share a common theme. Beginning with the creation of humans followed by mankind’s disturbances, loss of morality, or religion, which angers the god or gods. Due to mankind’s wrongdoings a warning ensues, either directly or indirectly to a righteous individual by a god. This chosen one by virtue ordinarily a male, is ordered to build a boat or vessel and carry aboard all species of plants and animals as well as his loved ones for his salvation. Inevitably, mankind continues their transgressions and flooding is unleashed, consequently resulting in their destruction. Human beings are essentially wiped out, ensuring only the righteous survive. The…
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