The Great Gatsby Analysis

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The characters in The Great Gatsby, by F Scott Fitzgerald, each represent key ideas which reflected its context. From the beginning of the novel, we are positioned to place our trust in Nick Carraway, who is the narrator of the novel. It follows the rise and fall of Jay Gatsby, the tragic hero, who has become infatuated with a young lady by the name of Daisy Buchanan, whom he briefly met just under 5 years prior, and has dedicated his life to rekindle their love. As this is set in the 1920’s, the American Dream is unsurprisingly featured, as this was a popular belief upheld by the majority of society; its superficiality and corruption unbeknownst to them. There are numerous characters who firmly placed their trust in the American Dream, including George Wilson and Jay Gatsby, who both had starkly different experiences, despite them both believing in the same promise. The social stratification and monetary corruption were also a reflection on the context, as this was set just following the Great Depression, a period of time when people were rather obsessed with money, as it was likened to success. This is represented, particularly through Tom and Daisy Buchanan, who both belonged to the highest social class as a result of their wealth.
A prominent idea featured is the American Dream, which is conveyed through George Wilson. The American Dream promises that irrespective of your circumstances and opportunities, you are able to achieve your greatest aspirations of success. The

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