The Great Gatsby And Daisy's Relationship

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“I’m going to take better care of you from now on.” (133) In this quote from The Great Gatsby, Tom is fighting with Gatsby about Daisy and he tells her he will take better care of her. However Daisy loves Gatsby because he loves her back not because he will be able to take better care of her than Tom can. This causes Daisy to want to leave the scene therefor Tom tells them to go home that way it seems like he took control of the situation when really all he did was push Daisy away. Fitzgerald first reveals Tom and Gatsby’s difference in wealth through their mansions, second he displays there difference in affection shown for Daisy, and lastly he demonstrates the clash between Tom and Gatsby when they fight for Daisy's love. His three-pronged…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald (1925), Fitzgerald claims that there's a direct contrast between the Buchanan home and Gatsby’s mansion in order to reflect a larger conceptual difference between Tom and Gatsby’s love for…show more content…
Daisy’s first impression when she sees Gatsby’s massive Mansion was “That huge place there?” (90) All of Gatsby’s hard work and wealth that he’s earned was for Daisy in order to impress her and win her over, because of this Gatsby was worried when she cried and pointed at his house {ADVSC}. Gatsby’s raging obsession with Daisy is shown when she visits his house and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her; “he hadn’t ceased looking at Daisy” (91). Due to his raging obsession with Daisy, Gatsby could not stop looking at her the entire time she visited his home. This demonstrates his extremely passionate love for Daisy because it shows how much he has missed her. Gatsby’s immense love for Daisy is shown in the end of the novel when Daisy was driving the car that killed Myrtle and he says “but of course I’ll say I was.” (143) Due to Daisy being the love of his life Gatsby feels the need to take the blame for the murder of Myrtle despite Daisy already being a married woman. He does this out of his raging obsession for her and he covets that one day she will love him like she did before he went to
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