The Great Gatsby And F. Scott Fitzgerald

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I have come a long way since the days where I was that quiet and respectful freshman who despised my cocky and immature counterparts.
The Great Gatsby and F. Scott Fitzgerald American novelist Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, best known by his pen name F. Scott Fitzgerald, is regarded as one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century, his stories coinciding with the Jazz Age. Most notable of his many novels is The Great Gatsby. Many see this piece as being quite similar to his own life, that characters such as the novel 's protagonist Jay Gatsby and narrator Nick Carraway reflect this theory. Through diligent and meticulous research, there was found to be uncanny similarities between the novel and the author’s own life further driving the speculation.
Jay Gatsby and F. Scott Fitzgerald
Drive to be successful. Throughout the novel, Gatsby is often described as being bright, handsome and ambitious, much like Fitzgerald. Gatsby’s father, when speaking with Nick after his son’s tragic death, explained “He knew he had a big future in front of him. And ever since he made a success he was very generous with me.” (Fitzgerald 172). Mr. Gatz goes on to speak highly of his son mentioning “Jimmy was bound to get ahead. He always had some resolves like this or something. Do you notice what he’s got about improving his mind? He was always great for that.” Furthermore, Fitzgerald was”firmly dedicated himself to honing his craft as a writer, writing scripts for Princeton 's famous
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