The Great Gatsby And The Death Of A Salesman

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Within these two stories, The Great Gatsby and The Death of a Salesman, there are numerous similarities and differences amongst the protagonist characters in the stories: Jay Gatsby, a well-off, aristocratic man who throws immense parties in order to satisfy his desires of finding the girl and Willy, a father who has flashbacks that distort his vision of the truth and his vision to success. The “American Dream” is the “dream” that all Americans are granted the same chance to attain their life goals whether is it success, a perfect family, or wealth through hard work, willpower, grit and initiative. These two men though, have dissimilar American Dreams. Willy’s dream is financial success for himself in addition to his children; on the other…show more content…
On the other hand, you have Willy who is constantly looking at the past and the great things he had in the past. A good example of this is when Willy mentions the car that he worked on and was basically in love with because those were the days. He said,”Chevrolet, Linda, is the greatest car ever built.”(Miller. ) This is showing how Willy is living in the past thinking about the him building the car. These differences could be a key component of why Gatsby became so successful and why Willy is still “living in the past”. In addition to looking at the past, Willy, until the end of the play, believes that his son doesn’t love him which causes him to look at Biif (his son) in a rather negative way. “WILLY: Don’t you want to be anything? BIFF: Pop, how can I go back? WILLY: You don’t want to be anything, is that what’s behind it? […] WILLY: Are you spiting me? BIFF: Don’t take it that way! Goddamnit! WILLY [strikes Biff and falters away from the table]: You rotten little louse! Are you spiting me?” (Miller.113) This is showing the harsh and interesting relationship between the two. Finally, after stepping back, you realize the since Willy killed himself, he must not view his life as valuable and important. Before the story of Willy life begins, his life seems good, although after awful sales
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