The Great Gatsby By F. Scott B. Fitzgerald

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a Both authors used the setting, time period, and the characters’ dialects to distinguish their ideas. b Hurston categorizes her characters by their social status (wealthier characters use proper words, unlike the poor, who use more vulgar and improper English). This lets the reader know the differences between each social economic group. c Fitzgerald depicts each of his characters’ personalities by their actions through their social status. The characters who are upper class are aware of their speech, unlike those whom are lower class that do not think before they talk. 2. Compare the use of first person narration of the protagonist in Their Eyes Were Watching God to the use of first person narration of a secondary character in The Great Gatsby. What is the effect of having Nick tell Gatsby’s story versus Janie telling her own? Is Nick a reliable narrator? Is Janie? a While Janie tells her own perspective of her American Dream, Nick is under the impression of admiration towards Gatsby’s American Dream.
3. How are women able to express power in each novel? a The women in both novels were able to express power by rebelling against social expectations of women back then
4. Compare Fitzgerald’s and Hurston’s attitudes towards following one’s dreams. a Both authors depict the wealthy characters to be dreamers who have no sentimental goals but to be wealthier, which contrasts with the image of the poor characters who are after a dream that they dreamt with their hearts.
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