The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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How came people did not respect Fitzgerald’s writing in the twentieth century, but why people are respecting and valuing Fitzgerald work in the twenty-first century? Fitzgerald had a hard time to profiting from his writing, but he was not successful after his first novel. There are three major point of this essay are: the background history of Fitzgerald life, the comparisons between Fitzgerald and the Gatsby from his number one book in America The Great Gatsby, and the Fitzgerald got influences of behind the writing and being a writer. From childhood to adulthood, Fitzgerald faced many good and bad experiences that inspired him to achieve his own American dream in a short amount of time. There are different types of experiences that Fitzgerald had throughout his life. Some experiences could be happy, exciting or some could be sad, disturbing. F. Scott Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896 in St. Paul, MN (“F (rancis)”). He died on December 21, 1940, in Hollywood, CA (“F (rancis)”). Fitzgerald’s father’s name was Edward Fitzgerald, and his mother’s name was Mary (Mollie) McQuillan (Matthew). When Fitzgerald was a child, he did not get the chance to make childhood friends because his parents moved different places before he started his school. “Fitzgerald attended the Newman school in Hackensack, New Jersey and while he was in school; he continued to write for school publication” (“F (rancis)”). After he graduated high school, he attended Princeton University class of
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