The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The author of the novel The Great Gatsby, is F. Scott Fitzgerald. He is an American novelist and short story writer who was born in Minnesota, USA on September 24, 1896 and died on December 21, 1940.
In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald illustrates how the pursuit of the American Dream ultimately leads to the downfall of those who pursue it. Nick Carraway leaves the mid-west to pursue a career in New York and as a result of interactions with corrupt characters, he sees the darker side of the American Dream which leads him to avoid relationships in the future. Daisy Buchanan’s dream is to be affluent and have a high status which leads her to reject the love of her life and settle with Tom to maintain the facade of the American Dream. Jay Gatsby’s American Dream has two parts, love and wealth, which leads to his downfall because when he has Daisy he doesn’t have the wealth to keep her and as a result his quest leads him to his death.
Nick’s American Dream is easy to achieve because he is educated and a hard worker but his relationship lead him in the wrong direction. After the war, Nick moves to NY to pursue a career in finance and start an independent life from his family in the Midwest: “I decided to go east and learn about the bond business. Everybody I knew was in the bond business, so I supposed it could support one more single man” (Fitzgerald, 2). These were the roaring 20’s and were oblivious to the Wall street stock market crash so this was the time of hope,…
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