The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Tom Ripley is a talented imitator, it seems the only person Tom cannot quite comprehend is himself. Ripley isolates himself from people by being non-isolated, he finds himself in very social situations, yet he does not quite understand how one should be in social interactions. However people find themselves attracted to him because he is so great at acting and reading people and learning how to manipulate them into believing that he is not actually socially alienated, he somehow becomes the life of the party. Tom Ripley was such a fantastic impostor he would sometimes find himself lost in one of his characters that he was putting on. In the film it starts with him playing the piano at a wedding filling in for a young man that went to Princeton, after meeting Mr. Greenleaf he kept up the same character from Princeton. “Tom had been very friendly last summer with a Princeton junior who had talked of nothing but Princeton, so that Tom had finally pumped him for more and more, foreseeing a time when he might be able to use the information” (Highsmith, 21). Ripley was always remembering information from different people he met assuming that if need be he could pull out that information in sticky situations. One thing about Tom Ripley was that he found himself in sticky situations more often then some, this left him feeling paranoid that people were after him at all times. This is no way to live life, especially when the way you want to live your life is behind the curtains.
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