The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In the 1920’s a plethora of things shaped the society. There were so many drastic changes and differences. occurring this time from people 's, homes, cars, and money the 20’s encountered some complex times. As Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby he focused on different things like the stock market, homes, and cars. The 1920’s America was in a time of prosperity and economic growth. Fashion, innovation and business, architecture was thriving more than ever before. Citizens were giving a chance to live the American Dream. Until one day the country faced a drastic crash in the stock market. On October 29, 1929 billions of dollars were lost leaving many broke and living on little to nothing. Prior to this the stock market underwent rapid expansion. People viewed the stock market as a short term investment. I believe the stock market had a huge effect on Fitzgerald’s writing of the character Jay Gatsby. Gatsby was a poor boy of obscure origins who rises to prestige and wealth. Life in the 20’s is often referred to as a shadow as was Gatsby. In addition with their being such drastic differences in every person 's income and wealth and the time their became different social classes in which people were segregated into based on their wealth. Their was the upper class they were living the American Dream at a time when business standards were booming. Many of these people were considered snobby, selfish and materialistic. This is the class in which Gatsby was in in The Great…
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