The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The settings of masterfully composed novels often gives the audience insights of the novels characters and the novels themes such as the novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby. In this novel, the character and the narrator Nick Carraway describes the mystery and puzzles of his past neighbor, and also the main character, Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is a multimillion tycoon who is madly in love with Daisy Buchanan, an amazing, upper-class woman with whom he had been together with, years prior. She is now married to a man named Tom Buchanan. Gatsby dedicates his whole life to picking up money and status to satisfy her, yet his accomplishments and obsessive admiration for Daisy in the future leads to his own terrible death. In The Great…show more content…
The area and structural planning of East Egg straightforwardly mirror the identities of the people who live there. East Egg’s attractive, distinguished inhabitants show perfect behavior and social elegance; be that as it may, East Eggers are coldhearted, wicked individuals. Nick Carraway is sick and tired with them and their lifestyle, stating, "They were inconsiderate… crushed things up… then withdrew to their cash" (Fitzgerald 187-188). The East Egg partiers show stuck-up criticism through their conduct at Gatsby’s parties, where "the air is bursting at the ridges with gibber and giggling, and easygoing insinuation and appearances disregarded on the spot, and eager gatherings between ladies who never knew each other or each other’s names" (44). The immense houses in East Egg are the exemplification of social class barriers and superiority also. Both the residents of the East Egg and the mansions think exclusively about how they look and have no resistance for individuals from another class. All the mansions are great and extravagant, including the Buchanan’s house. The house is impeccable and white, replicating Daisy Buchanan’s closet all through the novel. Fitzgerald mirrors his fortunate characters’ distinctiveness through his representation of the East Egg. New York City offers a significant number of East Egg’s attributes. The people of both places display immorality and little devotion to ethicalness. Since the people of
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