The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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May Ahmad. Dr. Alexandra Williams. 12 PM. IS GATSBY GREAT? The need to live according to the American dream has been the prime focus of most governments over most of the past decades. Perhaps this has featured in many ways in the country. However, in most aspects, the dream may be noted to be a failure. It is this failure that is associated with the events that point out the fact that Gatsby is not a great person as he is made to look from the introductory sections of the book by Fitzgerald. Just as the better part of the young population have been led to believe that life is a cycle where one goes to school and graduates to get a job and a family is the same way Gatsby idealizes his image through the parties he throws to influence Daisy to fall in love with him. From the presented factors, it is factual to assert that Gatsby’s picture from the onset of the book is an ideal image of what he would want himself to be. Similarly, his conceptualization of Daisy is the ideal picture of what he would want her to be. It therefore follows that consideration of Gatsby as a great person is the ideal thought of him which in truth is not a reality. Fitzgerald reviews the American dream through different points of view that are significant in making apparent his belief about the aspect of reality that can be perceived from it. On one note, he praises it pointing it out as a way through which great progress can be realized. On the other, he states that the fact that the dream is a
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