The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Life in The Great Gatsby was never shown as realistic. It was mostly of people who partied all night and drove in fancy cars and drank and danced until the sun came up. The only realistic life was Nick Carraway’s. He was just a guy trying to live and sell bonds in Long Island, but he got sucked into drama with his new neighbor and his cousin. Not all lives were so extravagant, most would think. However, it was called the roaring 20’s for a reason. People were living and having fun and actually partying. Flappers emerged and pushed boundaries, money was easy to spend with credit, prohibition was violated and forgotten, and all was well during this time period.
A few journal entries made by a 17 year old female in 1925 confirms how usual this lifestyle really was. On January 14th she wrote, “I now have lemon juice in hot water, with no sugar, instead of my first cup of tea, also apples before a VERY small breakfast of dry and weak tea- if this doesn’t get my fat down I’ll give up dieting! Did not go out today.” This entry shows how even almost 100 years ago women were worried about weight and did crazy diets just like women now. In The Great Gatsby, a character like this would be Jordan Baker, a famous woman who would worry about things such as weight to stay slender as an athlete.
On January 30th, the young girl described her time going out shopping and having tea with her friends and family. Then she talked of how her friends took her to the theater. This part of her life…
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