The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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F. Scott Fitzgerald seems to have made a large impact in the literature world with his story of Great Gatsby. The story of the Great Gatsby may seem to be an easy read with little meaning to the characters as well as the plot. However after scouring through Fitzgerald’s autobiography it comes clear that the character of Daisy Buchanan was solely inspired by the author’s wife. Fitzgerald even took phrases out of real life conversations him and his wife had and incorporated it in the book. This helps bring a deeper meaning to Daisy’s character for the reader as well as a true understanding for the book and its inspirations. It comes clear that much of the book is solely based off of events occurring during this time period, or real life characters living during this time period. The most obvious examples are the Jazz age, The Lost Generation, and the American Dream; three topics which Gatsby’s lifestyle seems to be revolved around.

At one of the final points in The Great Gatsby when Tom and Daisy retreat back to their careless lives leaving Gatsby dead and Nick to clean up the mess, the reader’s view on Daisy takes a downhill spin. The previous understanding that Daisy was the poster child in an era of ever-changing lifestyle and surging economic growth,

From the reader’s first meeting with Daisy up until her escape with Tom, she seems more in love with money, ease, and a luxurious lifestyle than Gatsby himself. Gatsby’s lifestyle lures Daisy in rather than Gatsby’s charm
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