The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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There was a group of writers being active at the beginning of 20th century that has greatly affected American literature since. People generally use name- Lost Generation which was invented by another expatriate writer Gertrude Stein to represent those writers. After the World War I, people national wide had been affected from various aspects including economics, politics, literature, and sociology. The postwar social environment had affected the writing style and writers’ expression towards the new society as well. One of those Lost Generation writers, especially, claimed the national fame by literature contribution to Lost Generation genre. In one of his famous books, the Great Gatsby, he expressed multiple phenomena that reflected its social context through multiple ways. F. Scott Fitzgerald, born in 1896, was a paradigmatic writer in the Jazz Age and a representative of the Lost Generation authors. As F. Scott Fitzgerald stayed some time in America, he then moved to France and made friends with other American expatriates, one of them is another famous Lost Generation writer, Ernest Hemingway. As a famous Lost Generation writer, Ernest Hemingway provided him with much Jazz Age information, especially information about the rebellion and modernization at the beginning of the 1920s America.

Based on coagulated information and contact with the society, F. Scott Fitzgerald developed inspiration of his writing career. Had endured the World War I, F. Scott Fitzgerald received…
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