The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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World War I and “ The Lost Generation”: These two historical ideas are significant to the novel because “ the Lost Generation” is the generation that became adults during the time of war, which includes F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of the novel. Authors born in this time tended to write themes that represented their experiences in the war. For example, the death of the American Dream was mostly referenced in The Great Gatsby, by the narrator Nick Carraway.

Roaring 20’s: This is a historical term used in the 1920s for the society and culture were there was a lot of economic rise and luxury, especially in the larger cities like New york, New Orleans, L.A., Chicago, and much more. It progressed in these Metropolitan area after World War 1 This idea was shown in the novel through Gatsby’s extravagant lifestyle.

The Jazz Age: This was a time in the twenties where jazz music and dance became most popular, before the Great Depression. The Jazz Age and the Roaring twenties are connected and often referred to each other. And also because of the economic growth people in the twenties not often worried about money and sort of had the “go with the flow” attitude. Additionally, morals and manners at the time were more laid back. You can see this theme throughout the novel with Gatsby 's extravagant mansion the style of music and dance at the parties and also the luxurious dresses the women wore.

The New Women in the twenties: “ The Flappers” as they call them. She was not like…
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