The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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“Gatsby? What Gatsby?” Daisy’s infamous line, when all the pieces begin to line up for Gatsby’s demise. It is also the line that sets the theme for the entire novel. Who is Gatsby, where did he come from, and what does he want? These are the inquiries that boggle the readers throughout the novel. Gatsby was like a monster created by his own Frankenstein, Daisy and Nick Carraway, is the ominous narrator, god, the eyes that were always watching and making judgments upon others. During the Jazz Age in New York, it was a time of little frugality and great extravagance. “It was in such a profusion around you.”(p.3) and the prodigality was attained in each class through lust (Tome and Daisy), deceit (Gatsby and the world), and murder (Wilson and Myrtle) of Jay Gatsby. Gatsby hosted several large gaudy parties where it was like stepping into another world. He hosted these parties in hopes that Daisy would wander into one; although, she never did. The people who attended his parties were classified as “new money”—celebrities, socialites, and etc. The kind of people that came into money recently, inferring that it was not generational wealth. Daisy was classified as “old money”—those whose families always had wealth and their posterior are entitled to a life of carelessness. Gatsby’s parties incited rumors from people who thought they knew who he was; however, of all who poured in, no one knew who him or at least not the real him. This was evident from the stories of
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