The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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You Can’t Buy Love or Can You?
“Money can’t buy happiness” has been a common saying in today’s society but that doesn’t mean that people haven’t once tried it or thought about it. The Great Gatsby, is a prime example of how money can change people. James Gatz, also known as Jay Gatsby came from a poor family who lived in North Dakota. He ran away from his family in search to find some money. He decided to change his name to identify himself as someone new and wealthy. People may leave to search for money and for love but is it possible to buy love?
Kanye West sang it best, "Now I ain 't sayin ' she a gold digger, But she ain 't messin ' with no broke ---." Daisy, a high class woman is married to Tom. At one point in time she loved Gatsby
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The amount of make up still doesn 't hide that fact that you are not whole, you should be able to look in a broken mirror and still see yourself whole. This statement means that no matter what is placed before you or what is thrown at you, you still know who you are as a person. Don’t get caught up with lies that you can’t answer the question “Who are you?,” because lying to yourself will only make you forget your own truth. You can only be beautiful if you choose not to be ugly.
Society is so money hungry that it is built on materialistic things. There isn’t enough things in the world to buy you happiness and that was some of the characters in The Great Gatsby struggled to understand. Myrtle Wilson, another materialistic woman, was not satisfied with the pay that her husband, George, was making. Since Myrtle wasn’t satisfied she starting having an affair with Tom, Daisy’s husband. Tom bought her a dog, jewelry and perfume which made Myrtle fall in love with him. Never fall in love with the wrong people or things because it results in heart break. An example of heartbreak would be saying you love someone but not actually meaning it.
Love is a word that is being thrown around like it has no meaning. We have children at the age of eight in relationships telling each other that they love them not realizing what they have just said. High schoolers want serious relationships but can 't even be faithful. As for Daisy, she claimed she didn 't love Tom when
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