The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Great Gatsby is a novel about a character by the name of Jay Gatsby, who is fighting to get his beloved Daisy back with the help of his friend, Nick Daisys cousin from an arrogant fellow named Tom.The novel is also a representation of the path to attain the American Dream which is done through the characters, Tom and Gatsby. Tom and Gatsby have very similar beliefs. Gatsby is referred to as a high achiever, who throws outstanding parties in hopes of winning over Daisy. Gatsby sabotages Tom by trying to achieve the American Dream because he believes in order to have the American Dream he must have possession of Daisy, whom is married to Tom. West Egg is a rich inherited place where Nick claims the story all started. The West Egg is a…show more content…
He went to war with the thought that when he would return everything would fine. But little did he know that Daisy was not willing to wait for him, and Daisy went and got married with Tom just 5 hours after the notice of Gatsby gone. This was the state of betrayal Gatsby went through. Gatsby was not concerned about anything or any but Daisy, which threw him back. Gatsby lived his life as if every choice he made would always be right no matter what it may be on. For example in the novel when Gatsby stated to know for a fact that Gatsby was the one Daisy loved no matter what Tom had to say. Gatsby worked his way up, but the surprising and disturbing part of that was that he was in control of a bootlegging business he hosted. Gatsby is not an easy character there are many thing he does which make him look superior as well as things which make him look foolish. Like when he hosts these magnificent, outgoing parties, he remains himself screed but has his name carried as a symbol, he wants to cultivate. Gatsby uses the absence of having no trust and the lack of friendship to make all his fame, name, popularity, and reputation, look as a joke, when no one comes to his funeral. This as well show that no one even respected him, enough to even come to his funeral. Gatsby is also not trustworthy because he uses Nick who is one of the only people who actually helps him. Gatsby uses Nick to get to Daisy and knowing this
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