The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In the book The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald the plot condemns a common theme throughout the story of, the “American Dream”. The American Dream to many , is this vision of becoming successful through trials & tribulations in our free land, that anybody could achieve whatever it is they want if they work hard for it . The time decade in which the story is written in is referred to as “The Roaring 20’s”. The 20’s were notorious as it was a time of rapid economic growth,the introduction of the modern consumer culture, and a new vibrant and colorful cultural scene. With the addition of Prohibition, instituted by the Eighteenth Amendment, a business of bootlegging the banned alcohol made a booming amount millionaires and increased activity in organized crime. Jay Gatsby the Protagonist, acquires his wealth through the numerous bootlegging methods and owns numerous Pharmacies. Gatsby used his illegally acquired money to buy his way into the elite society of New York and its surrounding territories. Throughout the story, no one is quite sure how exactly it is that Gatsby acquires his wealth, which draws speculation to how he can afford his grand house party’s and his illustrious life style. James Gatz, better known as “Mr. Jay Gatsby” wasn’t actually born into wealth as most people perceive him to be, he was born into a poor farming family in North Dakota. James never experienced the life of the rich and wealthy until he met Dan Cody. After James dropped out of
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