The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Gianna Mitchell
Mrs. Laudadio
English 3 Honors
January 10, 2016

Throughout The Great Gatsby many themes are displayed to correlate moral corruption to each character. The Great Gatsby is basically a story about moral and the absentence of morals within the society of the 1920’s. Most characters in the book as only concerned about how society views them and what can they do to be the most rich and famous person that everyone is talking about. Tom, Daisy and Myrtle are three characters in The Great Gatsby who take no responsibility for their actions, in which the lives of others are destroyed and demonstrate how the corruption of the 1920s can ruin one’s life.
Society has a very strange way of engraving “socially acceptable” or “morally correct” commodities into the heads of its citizens. How it is socially unacceptable to be with someone of a less class than yourself, or it is morally incorrect for women to work and make more money than their husband. Daisy is a prime example of conforming to the corrupt views that society has placed on their citizens. Daisy is a naturally manipulative person all seems to use her natural gifts of beauty to get whatever her heart desires. Daisy often wield other people such as Tom, Gatsby, and her cousin nick to string her way into each of their souls. Daisy and Gatsby were truly in love however, she denied him solely because he did not have the status, money, and look that she felt was acceptable for her in the eyes of everyone else.
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