The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The symbolic imagery, such as goods and color, is often used by authors to suggest and help readers to understand the invisible parts of the characters, which are their personalities and so on, through the specific goods they own, or the story, which help to develop the whole plot. In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald uses a lot of symbols in this book. Among all those symbols in it, the symbol of the green light is the strongest, due to the changes of meaning in the book and leading the plot. However, each symbolic imagery is not unique, they interact with each other. This essay will argue that, with the help of other symbols, the symbol of green light becomes the crucial symbol for us to understand The Great Gatsby. Besides, this essay will…show more content…
As a representative of those who have already achieved it, the green light is not only associated with Gatsby, but also the entire society. I will discuss this in the appearance of the green light. The first appearance of the green light is at the end of Chapter 1. When Nick came back from Tom’s house, he saw Gatsby “stretched out his arm toward the dark”, and there was “nothing except a single green light”.(p.25) And after this encounter, we know the green light is from Tom’s house, where Daisy lives. As the result of this, the green light for Gatsby must be related to Daisy in somehow, but not just Daisy herself. For Gatsby, the green light means the desire of becoming one of the upper classes, and it is Daisy who gives him the strength to work on it after meeting her. The green is more like a destination for Gatsby to endeavor, which is the same as the American Dream for the whole America. It gives those who are working class the meaning of living. Although the desire of becoming one of the upper classes arises from the shame of being part of the working class and starts when Gatsby is very young, he has his own timetable, from which we can see the ambition in Gatsby.(p. 164) Daisy just reinforces the desire in Gatsby’s mind and accelerate the process of Gatsby pursuing his personal desire. Besides, due to the identity of Daisy, which is that “many men had already loved Daisy” during the first encounter of Gatsby and Daisy, Daisy has already become a
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