The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a glimpse into the lives of the high class of the roaring twenties through Nick Carraway’s, a simple man from the mid-west, eyes. This novel depicts the aspects of the American dream, and the truth about achieving it. The American dream has been portrayed through many books, movies, and such over time. The qualities of the American dream shown throughout The Great Gatsby, are hope and success. James Gatz, also known as Jay Gatsby, dedicated his life to living out the American dream and becoming successful. Gatsby dreamed of being an American hero. Gatsby was perhaps the epitome of self-made success. Gatsby came from nothing, but over the years recreated himself and acquired wealth and status. Of all the things he had; wealth, ambition, and a taste for adventure, he was missing something. Since the day he met Daisy Buchanan, it was Gatsby’s greatest desire to win her heart. Daisy became his American dream. Everything he did, was all part of his efforts to win her heart; the large parties, the nice clothes, and the unnecessary gadgets. Gatsby thought if he made a place for himself in the upper class, and established himself as a somebody, he would finally get Daisy. Gatsby never lost hope, he constantly chased his dream of being with Daisy. Although Daisy also had feelings for Gatsby due to his poor upbringing she never gave him a chance. Gatsby would never be “old money,” unlike Tom. The green light Gatsby reaches out to in the
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