The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The USA is supposedly a classless society, somewhere that dreams are hypothetically made and a place in which anyone can create a living for themselves if they work hard enough. However in all three texts there is evidence to suggest that this is not the case. The notion surrounding social inequality is certainly clear to see in these three texts, and perhaps surprisingly, as is the fact that in some areas it is affected by class systems, although this is not immediately obvious. All three texts being written in the early 20th century are set during periods of supposed freedom and equality, and all three writers use literature to challenge this idea. Hughes’ poetry focuses on racial inequality and how this ‘pushes’ him into a lower…show more content…
However Nick questions whether they can also be found in those born into lower classes with little wealth as he is not exactly from a wealthy family himself, yet he says how he “snobbishly repeats” them, which shows that perhaps the influence of the upper classes has impacted on his life, yet he still differs from the true upper class as he, unlike them, recognises his pretentious ways.
Nick’s idea of people assuming upper class children are being born with greater natural class is backed up in Williams’ play A Streetcar Named Desire. One could assume that due to her wealth, Blanche is of a higher social class, and in the play she believes this herself, however she also has other reasons, similar to that in The Great Gatsby, for thinking this. She says “We are French by extraction. Our first American ancestors were French Huguenots” which shows that Blanche sees her ethnic origins as a sense of pride and is not afraid to point them out in order to seem better than these lower class people of New Orleans. She believes that as she is from French descent she has a better social status, however she does not see descents of other nations in the same light. She is being very unfair towards Stanley here as she barely knows him as a person yet she feels as though she
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