The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In one interview, Baz Luhrmann said that he wanted to “hold up a mirror to his audience, but from another time because people would be more willing to accept it” and this is exactly what The Great Gatsby does.

No one likes to be criticised however by placing this message underneath the extraordinary gifts of hope and the American dream, Fitzgerald has presented humanity’s social weaknesses in a way can be recognised by the public to encourage change. There is much speculation as to whether The Great Gatsby is truly worthy to be on ‘Top 100 Novels of All Time’ list however as technology continues to evolve, the novel’s relevance remains permanent. Underneath all of symbolism and the flamboyant language you find the real aim of The Great
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As much as we don’t like to admit, we see fragments of ourselves in these characters, parts of us we’d rather hide and pretend weren’t there. We see Gatsby’s fraudulent persona, Nick’s silent judgements and Daisy’s controlling materialism suggesting that the messages of these fictitious 1920’s characters were not fiction at all.

When we first meet the mysterious Mr. Gatsby, we see his lavish, ostentatious persona: the impressive mansion, extravagant parties and faux Britishness. However none of this is real. Every part of his public appearance has been carefully fabricated, designed to turn (in Tom’s words) “Mr. Nobody from nowhere,” into a celebrity in order to win Daisy back. But who are we trying to impress? Who is our Daisy? The answer lies in social media.

Today people are still obsessed with reinventing themselves as we possess this desperate desire to have our best version on show, our own Gatsby persona. This can be seen in the 2010 movie The Social Network as Mark Zuckerberg, similar to Gatsby, was pathetically consumed by ‘the girl who got away’, this need driving him to become the youngest billionaire in history. Both of these characters start off rough in life before becoming the fantastic symbol of their eras, celebrities created almost overnight. However it’s the way that they achieve these goals, by bulldozing the
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